Galata Cafe & Restaurant

 An authentic Turkish inspired dine-in  restaurant serving traditional Turkish Coffee along with freshly cooked hot food and baked goods that are known to bring back memories of The Galata Tower, Istanbul and the Karakoy District. 

Turkish Coffee

A family owned place dedicated to serving up the best of Turkish culture and Turkish dishes.


Press coverage and Reviews

 "One of the best offerings on the menu at Galata is the sausage gozleme and the rare eggplant gozleme. "

CBC News

 "The staff are friendly, attentive and really complete the recipe for a wonderful experience with the flavors and hospitality of Turkish culture."

Robert Sarra Google Reviews

 "The owners adore the food, and I swear you can taste the passion in every bite"

J Smith
Google Reviews

"The breads were so fresh... the biscuits they served with cappuccino were simply delicious. Thankfully they sell them in a box too!

Valsamma J
Google Reviews